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October 08 2016

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Do you ever just look at your follower count and suddenly realize that all these people actually see what you post.

June 02 2014

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I swear to god, ‘Turn Down for What’ has killed someone. I’ve been at parties that are chill, maybe even winding down, and that song comes on and people take five shots in a row and start throwing chairs in the air.
— The dark side of Lil Jon. (via mightequinn)
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So I was taking a photo of my friend Aaron at the beach today when this happened.


I love how he’s posing!

ok but he got doodoo stains

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Thinking of either getting the Spellbound Repackaged Version or EXO-M Overdose…. Jskxjdkdksksp what do I get???

both ^___^ #fyi Spellbound album is pretty big and includes a full set of game cards (52)

Well currently I can…

Well Ill just buy overdose version M when it’s cheaper and get spellbound now haha but thanks!!! You’re the best!!

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taehyungsfavoritenoona to DOMdestroy I already save the URL a few months back, just waiting for the right moment to change it haha

okay now its official, its time to change my URL..

you still think of us as friends even tho you talked shit about every one of us to make us look bad, and now you come waltzing in pretending we’re friends. nah i dont do that. i might be stupid, but im not naive. i see what others said, youre full of crap.

i really can’t put into words how much i dont care about your miserable existence. I dont like you twisting facts to make yourself the victim just to try to weasel money. youre a splinter in my finger, not really a bother to my daily life, but a nuisance none the less, and eventually, just like the splinter, you’ll be pushed out and forgotten.

<!-- more --> dont worry, you fuck up your life, itm okay with that, i will not check up on you like you do to me, theres a reason i dont post anything on facebook, thats because i dont need annoying people checking up on me. youre just gunna make some other stuff up and repeat the cycle, this what….5th(?) no 6th(?) time you said this same story?? what happened to the bad bitch you claimed to be?? youre just stupid and annoying.

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awkward black girl!! 

I love this show

It’s midnight and I’m hungry…
I want soup… I sound homeless…
Let’s party at a soup kitchen!!! SOUP FOR EVERYONE!!!

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The White House declared June as national LGBT Pride Month

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